Gary Grawshaw - Personal Training Team
The Team...

Gary Crawshaw

Gary has been personal training since 2004 and is the founder of HealthyBeing Personal Training. He has worked in the world of sport throughout his career, initially as a professional sportsman and now more recently as a coach and personal trainer.

Gary also has a keen interest in anatomy and physiology and has studied a range of different courses in this area. He has a detailed understanding of how the body is built and this works to enhance his ability as a personal trainer, maximising the potential of his sessions.

Gary has also developed a keen interest in, and studied nutrition. Combined with his skills as a personal trainer, and his understanding of the human body, he gets consistently great results with all his clients, who all appreciate his enthusiastic and encouraging style of training.

Richard Marfell

With a keen interest in sports and fitness throughout his adult life, Richard turned his enthusiasm into a career by becoming a Personal Trainer.

Since training with the nationally recognized group, Premier International, Richard brings a highly qualified and highly personal element to his style of personal training, and maintains professional high standards.

Building a successful relationship with you and motivating you to achieve your personal fitness goals is important to Richard. Being considerate to your personal situation and your individual needs is also a vital part of Richard’s caring style of training.

Providing strong support and genuine care for you and your progress allows Richard to help you find a balance and achieve success in your fitness training.

Anna Marchant

Anna is a Premier qualified personal trainer. Having spent several years teaching PE in schools, she decided to follow her passion and gain a diploma in the Health and Fitness Industry. She now enjoys passing on her knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm to all her clients.

Anna always finds new and exciting ways to train her clients, keeping them motivated to reach their goals in a fun and fulfilling way.

Anna is a keen sportswoman and fitness enthusiast herself, and when not running around with her clients, enjoys working out and getting involved with team games and mini marathons.