Gary Grawshaw - Personal Training
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HealthyBeing Personal Trainers concentrate on varied training techniques that will help the you improve bodytone, posture, core stability and muscular strength, whilst also giving you the motivation needed to keep going and to meet your personal goals.

An individual programme developed especially for you will ensure constant improvment in all areas of your functional fitness, and help promote continued positive changes in  body shape and fat loss.

We will make use of a range of equipment during the sessions, incorporating resistance bands, weights, stability balls and cardio vascular equipment. We'll work alongside you, and as your capabilities increase, adjust your programme appropriately.

A normal session would last an hour and we would recommend that you commit to at least one session a week or more (if you want your results faster!). We work primarily with individuals but are also happy to develop sessions for groups of various sizes depending on the requirements.

If you choose to have your sessions at home, your personal trainer will bring everything you need for the session with them (you just need to provide some space). Training at home is convenient, makes good use of your time and is hugely popular with lots of our clients.

If space is limited at home you can always arrange to join your HealthyBeing trainer in the natural surroundings of your local park, and work out amongst the elements. Training in the open air with minimal equipment can create an invigorating and challenging environment.

We are also able to offer studio facilities for training sessions. Just fifteen minutes west of Oxford, our Studio is an excellent enviroment for Personal training, utilizing the latest fitness equipment available today.